We Import and Ship International Goods to You

Clearing customs is a major hassle when importing sensitive goods to the United States, you need to worry whether other services like ocean or air freight is best, coordination with your supplier in the exporting country, terminal handling and end destination delivery. You can rely on Northeast Demand & Supply to take care of all these when importing to the United States.

Moving Products Globally

Sourcing goods from across the planet is not just an important part of our partners’ business. It is part of our reality, living in a globalized era. Northeast Demand & Supply is a trusted leader in moving goods, including construction equipment and materials, machinery and safety clothing, among other products, from foreign shores to be useful on the American market. Our work and expertise should remove any concerns you may have when shipping collateral from overseas.

Logistics for International Shipments, and Heavy Equipment

Our agents will work diligently to ensure the proper processes are followed and documents such as the Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, Certificate or Origins, EPA forms are finalized, and terminal handling is taken care of. It doesn’t matter what kind of goods you are hauling, we will guide you and explain the process, which documents are needed and identify when major steps in shipping happen. Our experience on the market have been proved to our increasing partners to provide them with the products required on the constantly evolving industry.