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Company Goals and Structure

Our Goals

Northeast Demand & Supply is a small importer merchant based in Ossining, New York. We specialize in acquiring tools, safety clothing, construction materials and machinery and delivering them to our local partners.

Additionally, we offer project logistics, container shipping, and less-than-container (LCL) to our partners.

Northeast Demand & Supply offers superior services at competitive rates across a variety of industries: including โ€“ but not limited to โ€“ the Construction Industry, Safety Industry and branding companies. Request your quote today.

Logistics Offerings:

Northeast Demand & Supply delivers turnkey logistics solutions to companies negotiating the enigmatic world of shipping. Our specialized knowledge and expertise in handling detailed logistics, has saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In summary, Northeast Demand & Supply always strives to provide the best solutions to meet our partners varied, yet individual, needs.

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