Trust Us with your Importing Goods

At Northeast Demand we specialize in International shipping courier services from international destinations, but with the added benefit that we can also professionally pack your items to ensure that they are safe and secure when being shipped internationally, with the addition of the best shipping insurance on the market.

Import Services

Bringing a massive volume of goods from overseas can often be a more cost-effective option than spend on a local supplier. Let Northeast Demand & Supply help you import your items into the United States from anywhere in the world, it can be cheaper than paying an unknown broker in the country of origin to export the shipment to the for you.

Bringing items from abroad can also be fraught with issues such as customs regulations and requirements. At Northeast Demand & Supply, our years of experience with international imports adds a security value that can help with every aspect of your enterprise whether it’s selecting the most appropriate shipping method, via international sea freight or air cargo, and the most important details through to customs clearance and paperwork

It doesn’t matter if you want to import goods from the United States to Peru, Germany or Botswana, Northeast Demand & Supply can provide you with a complete shipping solution from collecting your item to packing it through the international delivery and import into your country.

US Business Import Services

If you are a US business and wish to import goods into the United States, you can take advantage of Northeast Demand & Supply’s knowledge and broad range of import services.

It does not matter if you are an frequent importer of international goods or it may be a one-time deal but by using Northeast Demand & Supply’s import services, you can take advantage of our many years of experience within the importation market – you won’t even need to set up an account with us.