Northeast Demand & Supply’s Product Quality Inspection team will protect your brand’s reputation by minimizing defective merch, customer complaints and late shipments.

It is vital that manufacturers verify that the products that they manufacture, ship and distribute under their name meet industry, government regulations or their specific requirements. As an independent, third party inspection broker, Northeast Demand & Supply can conduct a variety of on-site inspections to guarantee that your brand reputation is protected. Our Product Quality Inspection team can provide the following:

  • Guarantee your goods are safe
  • Minimize the chance for your merchandise to end up defective
  • Reduce customer complaints of your goods
  • Detect merchandise that might contain non-standard, non-compliant or hazardous components.
  • Eliminate late shipments

Based on your specific needs throughout the manufacturing process, Northeast Demand & Supply offers a wide variety of quality inspection services.

Pre-Production Inspections

Northeast Demand & Supply can inspect raw materials and components before production begins. After product samples are provided, we will verify that the factory has ordered the correct materials, components, and accessories. We will also randomly select and inspect a sample of partially produced products for potential defects, then report our findings to you. If necessary, we can provide the factory with the technical advice necessary to improve product quality and to minimize the chance of defects during production.

During Production Inspections

Inspections are ideal and necessary for shipments of substantial sizes; product lines with continuous production; strict requirements for on-time shipments; and as a follow-up if for whatever reasons, poor results were found during inspections. Inspections are often carried out when a tenth of the total goods have been completed. Northeast Demand & Supply will inspect the production batch and examine products in the line for possible defects.

At this point we will identify deviations, if any, and offer advice on corrective measures that will ensure uniformity of product and quality. We will also re-examine any defects discovered during Pre-Production Inspection and confirm that they have been rectified.

Final Random Inspections

Only after production has been completed and all merchandise is ready and packed for shipment can Final Random Inspections can begin. We will sample products to verify product safety, quantity, workmanship, function, color, size, packing and more. This ensures that your product is consistent and compliant with all country, industry, or otherwise-specified requirements and that no critical major or minor defects appear.

Loading supervision

A Northeast Demand & Supply representative would be monitoring the loading process, verify the quantity of the product and ensure proper handling of the cargo. When the Loading Supervision process is complete, the container that the goods would be sealed with our logo as proof of compliance. This service will reduce the risk that usually comes with bringing goods from overseas.