Assume your products will have a bumpy ride, particularly if you’re shipping overseas.

Prep your goods to survive rough-and-ready cargo handlers and poor roads.

Your goods may be exposed to inclement weather and extreme temperatures while being transported from overseas. If your goods need special temperature controls or other protective measures, inform us ahead of time so they may get them.

The type of shipping may determine the kind of packing you should use. For example, if the goods are carried by ship, you need to know whether they will be placed above or below deck.

Delivering services to a foreign market is just as challenging as doing so stateside.

The challenges are rather different, however, and often depend on factors in your target market, including the following:

  • reliability and extent of telecommunications
  • existence of a reliable IT infrastructure
  • frequency and convenience of air links between North America and the country of origin
  • technological sophistication, receptivity and flexibility of customers
  • potential support through official channels, government departments and international development agencies
  • ability to satisfy legal regulations governing work permits or professional certification potential to enter a local partnership