Shipping comes with costs, ranging from container fees, packaging, terminal handling and broker fees. To have a complete picture of shipping costs, you must take into consideration of the different factors at play.

Once you received the freight quote, you will need to supply us the contact details of your supplier. We will take it off your hands and we are going to keep in close touch with both yourself and the supplier to make sure your shipment arrives in a timely manner.

We do recommend the following:

  • Take into consideration that even if everything goes right, delays might happen whether it’s because of an unexpected slowdown in production, the container ship or freight plane not departing according to schedule or your goods have arrived to the United States but they are being held by U.S. Customs. Be prepared and plan ahead of time.
  • Your production might be done on schedule but do not expect your goods to leave the port. Your cargo needs at least 1-2 days for your cargo to leave the factory to the port and the process of customs and everything in relation to it needs an additional 1-2 days.
  • You need a good freight partner, like us. Logistics is a valued part of modern business. Shipping costs include the direct and indirect costs of transporting goods from the country of origin to the United States. The wrong logistics partner can lead to high costs and wastage while the right one has smooth operations, manageable costs and continuous cash flow.

Track your cargo and get prepped for arrival.

As stated previously, shipping goods from overseas take time. On average, it should take approximately a month from China to the East Coast. We will notify you within five days or less of arrival.

When a shipment reaches stateside, we will file the following entry documents for the goods with the port director at the port of entry.:

  • A bill of lading listing the items to be imported.
  • An official invoice that lists the country of origin, purchase price, and tariff classification of the goods imported.
  • A packing list that details the imported goods.
  • An arrival notice provided by the freight agent.

You will speed up the clearance of your goods through the border if you:

  • Invoice your goods in a systematic manner,
  • Show the exact quantity of each item of goods in each box, bale, case, or other package,
  • Put marks and numbers on each package,
  • Show those marks or numbers on your invoice opposite the itemization of goods contained in the package that bears those marks and numbers.

It is always the importer of record’s responsibility to arrange for examination and release of the goods. If problems arise that you need to troubleshoot, you should know the steps your goods go through when being cleared by customs of your country.

Obtaining your shipment.

When the goods arrive, we will make arrangements to have your goods cleared through customs and quarantine (if needed). If everything goes well, the shipment will be picked up.

If you choose our to-door service, you can just wait for your shipment arrived at your designated address.

Once you have received your goods and have ascertained the quality, packaging, instructions and labels, you’d better send an email to your supplier and inform them that you have received your goods but have not reviewed them. Tell them you will contact them once you review the items and hopefully, make another order through us